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See you Sunday

Check out the words to the Theme Song for the 1970’s hit TV Series, “Cheers”

“Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your Name”

Woah, doesn’t get more honest or real then that! Don’t we all wish there was such a place? There is!

This Sunday I want to invite you to a unique gathering called, “Cheers!” Simply put, “Cheers” is People – teaching People to love People. It’s a safe place to hang out and explore your Faith.

The very 1st “Cheers” Gathering is Easter Sunday at 11:00 at Charity Lutheran Church. Lots of people are coming for the first time – you’ll fit in just right! If you have some flaws, don’t worry about it,- we do too! So you just as well check it out too! No dress code – No judgement – just pure love and Great Coffee! – compliments of “Classic Rock Coffee Company! See you there!


“Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name….And they’re always glad you came!” How could we forget Norm and the gang, just being themselves at the bar called “CHEERS!” As a “Soul Doctor” who deeply is interested in helping people, I have been impressed by perusing old episodes of this popular comedy series in the 70’s. I’m impressed because in a sense this, “Bar” seems to be more accepting, and less judgmental, of people then most Churches are today! My heart, and I imagine yours, longs for spaces where I can just cotton, pickin’ be myself, and yet have plenty of room to learn and grow as a human being and as a unique individual in my journey in Faith.

Listen, if you have never attended “Church, if you have been hurt by it along the way, if you stand in judgement of it or have quit it – you are a candidate for “CHEERS!”

If you have been wounded – if you are dysfunctional – feeling overwhelmed – scared – tired – beat up – put down – and pushed back – “CHEERS,” just might be the place for you!

If you have lost you’re marriage, screwed up beyond all hope, if you have hit a wall, been a jerk, cussed the paper off the freakin’ wall “CHEERS!” Just might be for you.

If you have longed for real Love – for real acceptance – someone who just gives a darn! If you have ever wondered about God in a space that will not shame you or force you or control you or tell you what to think – a REAL place where the leadership consists of misfits, losers, cast-always, not-good-enough and want- to be’s……..then “CHEERS!” Is where you NEED to be.

We are simply, “people, who invite people to love people!

On Easter Sunday, Citylife Network is having a gathering called, “CHEERS!” It’s a safe, come as you are space, where you WILL be accepted no matter where you have been, and what you have done! Period!

Where? Charity Lutheran Church 120 Aspen Ave. Bismarck. (we are non-denomination and are using the Church for this service.)

When? March 27 Easter Sunday at 11:00 AM – Come early, the Coffee is brewing!

What to wear? You decide, I’m wearing Jeans!

What can I expect? Love, connection, celebration, joy, compassion, real!

Stay home if you wish, but if this stirs a chord in your heart and soul, come join the revolution of LOVE!


Citylifer’s – It’s official summer, with that being said, our summer hours are currently in effect. We are meeting every Wednesday’s at 6:15. We will be gathering together downstairs at Trinity Lutheran Church. I hope you all can make it.

We are also sorry that the site is less then informative and updated. We have great aspirations, but don’t always have the technical ability to keep this up. Therefore, if you have any questions or just want to chat. Please contact Ernie at 701-527-3700 or email him at

Stay Cool

– Jamie